Washable Keyboard for Sticky Situation


Ever got mess take over your keyboard? Having difficulties clearing them crumbs from underneath the keys? Having problem cleaning your keys from spilled coffee? Everyone has been there at least once. Now guess what – Logitech has the answer.

Too much coffee or tea? No problem. Want to mix soup or hot chocolate in with the keyboard? You’re welcome. The perfect solution to whatsoever goes over your computer keyboard – you can now simply dunk it to the sink – literally and wash it over. Well, under a faucet that is.

No need to be a dirty, dirty typist anymore – all you need to do is wash it away in a sink or even submerge it completely in up to 11 inches of water (well … except for the USB cable for your computers sake). In addition, using mild soap is allowed for streak clean and fragrance. With the excess of water going out by drainage holes at the back, there is no need to worry about it being too wet.

UV coated. Keys laser printed for more durability. According to Logitech will endure up to 5 million keystrokes. Available now at Logitech for $39.99.

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