Solar Charger for your iPhone


So You are outside and your phone is dying. You aren’t anywhere near an electric socket but You really need your phone, perhaps a big business call is going to happen soon or other family matters. No matter what is the reason, in today’s world it is very important to stay connected. And for that my friend, XDModo has a solution, the Solar Wind Charger.

This unique charger uses a solar cell design that charges its internal 1400mAh lithium ion battery which can then be transferred to your mini USB devices such as iPods and phones. So you probably have seen solar chargers before, what makes the Solar Wind Charger any different? Netherlands design firm, Xiandao, took a different approach to this charger with its vacuum adhesive rubber material allowing it to cling to glass surfaces while providing enough light indoors.

We even have the “Green” calculation for how much typical iPhone Charger will cost our world not only your pocket. Let’s assume you charge it for 1 hour each day, and it draws 4W for that hour.

1 (hour) * 4 (watts) * 365 (days in a year) gives 1460watt-hours, or about 1.5kWh in a year. If that’s generated with coal (about 2 lbs CO2 per kWh) that’s about 3 pounds of CO2.

Okay, now how much it will cost our wallet ?

€49.90 on XDModo site.

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