Virtual Laser Keyboard


Ever dreamed about being a Secret Agent typing on a flat surface with full QWERTY keyboard? or Fancy touching your table and seeing letters appear magically on your screen? Well Virtual Laser Keyboard puts the future at your fingertips, literally!

You touch and the latest laser technology types. Revolutionary advanced optics can be paired wirelessly with any Bluetooth device: smartphone, tablet or even laptop. Extermely portable and compact – don’t let it fool you with its minimalistic design, it’s small enough to be fitted on a keychain !

Built-in laser projecting 72-key keyboard. Operates on rechargable li-ion batteries. USB cable included for easy and convenient recharging. According to the producer will last for up to 2 hours of typing. Great for morning coffee blogging!

Ok, nuff said. Where can We get this funky keyboard. Brookstone is selling this for $99.99

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