Free Cloud for Startups

Power cords in the sky with an electrical outlet set in a cloud

Just starting up a new company and willing to establish infrastructure at Cloud ? Tight budget for Cloud? Worry Not !

ProfitBricks, a global cloud infrastructure provider Boston-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company this week announced the launch of a foundation program for the startup community.

Amazon, with its cloud computing power, is growing as a giant Cloud. But, ProfitBricks —which launched in U.S – September is rolling out initially in New England and then nationwide in 2013. Their bundle is really attractive, the company is offering startups the possibility of getting virtual data centers at a sharply reduced cost for one year.

Startups are key market for Profitbricks. And by offering incentives for ProfitBricks’ next generation cloud computing services, it lowers the risk for a startup to try an alternative to Amazon. Companies with below $1 million in revenue will be eligible to use a cloud server from ProfitBricks for one year without any cost! Yes Sire, Free! Gratis! They’ll also get 20 percent off their IaaS services from ProfitBricks for one year.

“Our goal is to offer ProfitBricks’ virtual data center technology to startups who value access to cost-effective, next-generation cloud computing services,” according to ProfitBricks USA CEO Bob Rizika.

Or, in other words, the goal is to add incentives where possible as further as they can to motivate startups to check outside the Kingdom of Bezos ( Amazon CEO ).

The company was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneurs Achim Weiss and Andreas Gauger. And with funding from the founders and United Internet, ProfitBricks built and is offering virtual data center technology with a host of benefits – flexible user defined instances, live vertical scaling capability, double redundant cloud storage — with basic minute-based billing. The team spent time and money to create ProfitBricks’ IaaS environment and presence, which now includes more than 100 team members from 17 countries.

Hello competitor!

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