Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage

seagate wireless plus

When We are out and having a great outdoors, often We are trying to bring our entire movies or music collection. Worry Not, Seagate is launching a really swag gadget that will let You take your massive media collection out into the wilderness.

No internet connection and We want to share our movies to our mates, no worries. Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile StorageĀ can stream media stored on it to as many as eight smartphones or tablets at a time. The device has a 1 TeraByte hard drive, with enough space to store up to 500 high-definition movies plus with a 10-hour battery, it will let you watch movies overnight. The device actually creates its own Wi-Fi network in a local area and uses that to stream the media to your devices.

You can access the device using the mobile Seagate Media app for Apple iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire HD devices. It works with any device that can connect to a Wi-Fi network. You can access your Seagate Wireless Plus media using Apple Airplay, which projects it onto a big screen TV. You can also access it via DLNA connections or Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. On top of that, The drive comes with a removable SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adapter for quick loading of media.

Perfect cool storage for today’s mobile needs. How much will it cost us ? $200 price tag will straight to my shopping list.

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