Public Cloud Security


It should be no surprise to anyone involved in IT especially in security operations and architecture that organizations have big plans for public cloud. What may be the surprise is, how quickly organizations plan to embrace public cloud for critical application deployment by this time next year. Based on the results of many site surveys, roughly around 75% respondents claim to be using public cloud servers within their organizations for various critical business functions such as temporary workload, big data, hosting of e-commerce applications, media, internal development and testing and the deploying of both internal and external applications.

Now, What about the concerns of public cloud security ? Based on the surveys and trends We kinda get what is the response. Yes! You are right, the concerns are  beginning to fade.

Put it this way, Public Cloud provider which has ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards will take security risks and threats into their accounts when designing and implementing their Cloud infrastructure. What does it mean to Us ? Simply, Public Cloud provider will provide better security and threats protection compared to our typical data center unless our data center has similar security standards.       

Though concerns about the loss of control remain high, concerns about technology maturity, deployment complexity, cost, and expertise required will be the major concerns for 2013.

Note : Surveys from multiple technology blog.

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