Connect your System Center 2012 to Windows Azure subscription


Microsoft just launched their Azure availability zone in Australia which will open new Cloud computing chapter in Australia.

End of June post will be how to connect your Windows Azure subscription to your existing System Center 2012 App Controller. You need to have Windows Azure account and subscription as well as App Controller installed on System Center 2012 before trying below instructions.

To kick off this project, firstly You need to have a management certificate. It has to be a management certificate which has a key length of at least 2048 bits and resides in the Personal certificate store. Because I am not fully Dev person, my preference will be IIS. Yes You can use IIS either as a role or even as an to Windows 8.

Since I just bought a new amazing Windows 8 notebook. I am going to install on Windows 8. Go to Add or Remove Programs > add IIS Management Console > Ticked Internet Information Services > Web Management Tools > IIS Management Console. Once Installed, open IIS Manager>Double-click on Server Certificates > On Actions pane select Create Self-Signed Certificate> Create a name for your certificate eg: AzureMgmt > OK

Next Phase. Export the new certificate as .pfx file which we will use it later to connect App Controller to our Windows Azure subscription. Select your new certificate > Export (in Actions pane) > Give a file name and destination > set a password > OK.

Next Phase. We need .cer file which is our exported certificate. We will upload this into our Windows Azure subscription. The certificate we created is in local computer certificates store. Run certmgr.msc > Personal > Certificates > Right Click Certificates > All Tasks > Import.. > Certificate Import Wizard > Click Next > Browse and Select your .ptx file > Next > Enter the password You created > Next > Leave the Certificate Store as Personal Store > Next > Finish. Now You should be able to see your certificate in this case AzureMgmt > Right-click on your certificate > under All Tasks > Export > Next > Finish

Fun time begins. Now You have both .pfx and .cer files We need to connect App Controller to Windows Azure

On Windows Azure

On Windows Azure panel at bottom left select Settings > click Upload > select your .cer file > click the Check Box > and hola your upload is successful.

Next is connecting App Controller to Windows Azure. You will need your Windows Azure Subscription ID. You can get this easily from any storage defined or any VM You created on Azure, select them and see the subscription ID on the bottom right of the quick glance information. Copy the subscription ID to the clipboard and We are ready to open up App Controller and log in as your admin account.

In the Overview Pane > Public Clouds > Connect a Windows Azure subscription > Paste your subscription ID > select your .ptx certificate > enter your password > give your connection a name > description > OK. You should have a Windows Azure subscription connected by now. If You have any VM or services running on Azure, You will be able to see those rep here also.

That’s it!! Another step to Hybrid!!

app controller


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