Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Simple but important tips on your Amazon Instance. So You have deployed your Amazon Instance, checked. The Instance is running and when You try to RDP - Failed. You are confused and wondering why. Probably the answer is simple. You haven't allowed RDP Port on your instance. Really simple, Go to your Network and Security … Continue reading Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Free Cloud for Startups

Just starting up a new company and willing to establish infrastructure at Cloud ? Tight budget for Cloud? Worry Not ! ProfitBricks, a global cloud infrastructure provider Boston-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company this week announced the launch of a foundation program for the startup community. Amazon, with its cloud computing power, is growing as a giant … Continue reading Free Cloud for Startups

Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click – Click – Click

Amazon has launched its Cloud product which is easy to setup your own 'private' cloud. Well, it is not entirely true. Amazon VPC ( Virtual Private Cloud ) is not a private cloud offering. It is a connectivity option for a public cloud. If you have concerns with sharing infrastructure, unfortunately You will be disappointed … Continue reading Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click – Click – Click