Export Emails from OWA to Office 365

    This post will discuss prerequisite, how to and link for the PowerShell scripts as your main tool. Office 365 gains popularity and pay as you go model suits businesses. The questions raise, how to migrate my emails which sitting from OWA to Office 365. Microsoft Outlook allows you to export email messages very … Continue reading Export Emails from OWA to Office 365

Alias a Domain / Sub Domain Name to your S3 Bucket

Jump Start our Journey to the Kloud. Amazon clearly provides simple Storage and cheap bandwidth for their S3 services, not mentioning their other features and scalability they offer. There are few requirements before this Journey : First of all, obviously, you need your own domain name and your own Amazon S3 account Second, You need … Continue reading Alias a Domain / Sub Domain Name to your S3 Bucket

EMC + IBM x SoftLayer = AWS Rival ?

Two Technology Giants are considering at buying major infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider SoftLayer in a deal that could be worth staggering more than $2 Billion Reuters reports. Dallas-based IaaS company SoftLayer closely competes with Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and others. SoftLayer is a popular choice for IaaS proven by having more than 25,000 small-to-huge … Continue reading EMC + IBM x SoftLayer = AWS Rival ?

Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Simple but important tips on your Amazon Instance. So You have deployed your Amazon Instance, checked. The Instance is running and when You try to RDP - Failed. You are confused and wondering why. Probably the answer is simple. You haven't allowed RDP Port on your instance. Really simple, Go to your Network and Security … Continue reading Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance