Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Simple but important tips on your Amazon Instance. So You have deployed your Amazon Instance, checked. The Instance is running and when You try to RDP - Failed. You are confused and wondering why. Probably the answer is simple. You haven't allowed RDP Port on your instance. Really simple, Go to your Network and Security … Continue reading Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click – Click – Click

Amazon has launched its Cloud product which is easy to setup your own 'private' cloud. Well, it is not entirely true. Amazon VPC ( Virtual Private Cloud ) is not a private cloud offering. It is a connectivity option for a public cloud. If you have concerns with sharing infrastructure, unfortunately You will be disappointed … Continue reading Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click – Click – Click

Do not let Nayers and Hesitators triumph over Cloud Computing

These days, email after email is popping in my inbox from anyone and everyone whosoever has predictions for cloud computing in 2013. I've started to delete them without reading any further. Why? They all say very obvious and simplistic things around Cloud industry that is very non-obvious and complex, if you peel back the layers. … Continue reading Do not let Nayers and Hesitators triumph over Cloud Computing

Solar Charger for your iPhone

So You are outside and your phone is dying. You aren't anywhere near an electric socket but You really need your phone, perhaps a big business call is going to happen soon or other family matters. No matter what is the reason, in today's world it is very important to stay connected. And for that … Continue reading Solar Charger for your iPhone