Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Simple but important tips on your Amazon Instance. So You have deployed your Amazon Instance, checked. The Instance is running and when You try to RDP - Failed. You are confused and wondering why. Probably the answer is simple. You haven't allowed RDP Port on your instance. Really simple, Go to your Network and Security … Continue reading Allowed Inbound on Amazon Instance

Samsung Android Fridge

Android Fridge ? Well this is not a joke and too early for April Fool. Samsung refrigerators have been quite 'popular' at Consumer Electronics Show 2013. But Samsung’s newest smart fridge isn’t a joke. With a tablet 10 inch display that shows you the weather, your calendar, notes, news, facebook updates and other Android tablet likes functionality on … Continue reading Samsung Android Fridge

Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage

When We are out and having a great outdoors, often We are trying to bring our entire movies or music collection. Worry Not, Seagate is launching a really swag gadget that will let You take your massive media collection out into the wilderness. No internet connection and We want to share our movies to our … Continue reading Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage

Checklist for your Cloud Service Provider

According to Gartner prediction on 2013, worldwide IT expenditure on 2013 will top to $3.7 trillion as cloud services become the center of more and more vendor's hot commodity. As We know, enterprise IT customers will have more variety technology and services in 2013. As We are in few days before 2013, You or your … Continue reading Checklist for your Cloud Service Provider

Sustainable and Minimalist Transparent Speaker

We do understand sometimes hard to find a speaker which can fit perfectly in every room. Transparent Speaker by People People will blend perfectly in every room. Swedish design company People People created a very original speaker, the transparent design lets it blend in to any room. The speaker is big enough to offer a … Continue reading Sustainable and Minimalist Transparent Speaker

New Terms of Instagram Really Mean

Friday morning last week, I woke up and found out there is notification from my App Store to update my Instagram. Honestly, I have heard about the rumor Instagram will introduce new privacy agreement. I decided not to delete my Instagram account right away instead I was updating my Instagram. It was very intriguing to … Continue reading New Terms of Instagram Really Mean

Free Cloud for Startups

Just starting up a new company and willing to establish infrastructure at Cloud ? Tight budget for Cloud? Worry Not ! ProfitBricks, a global cloud infrastructure provider Boston-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company this week announced the launch of a foundation program for the startup community. Amazon, with its cloud computing power, is growing as a giant … Continue reading Free Cloud for Startups

Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click – Click – Click

Amazon has launched its Cloud product which is easy to setup your own 'private' cloud. Well, it is not entirely true. Amazon VPC ( Virtual Private Cloud ) is not a private cloud offering. It is a connectivity option for a public cloud. If you have concerns with sharing infrastructure, unfortunately You will be disappointed … Continue reading Creating Amazon VPC easy as Click – Click – Click