Obsessively Clean your Desk

As an obsessively clean technologist, we totally understand and comprehend the idea of clean desk and hating wires on your desk. Goodbye to cable patches and dodgy tapes. Say hi to OCDock, a hub to charge your device in the neatest possible way. OCDesk has developed the thinnest iPhone cable, As thin as a sheet … Continue reading Obsessively Clean your Desk

Do not let Nayers and Hesitators triumph over Cloud Computing

These days, email after email is popping in my inbox from anyone and everyone whosoever has predictions for cloud computing in 2013. I've started to delete them without reading any further. Why? They all say very obvious and simplistic things around Cloud industry that is very non-obvious and complex, if you peel back the layers. … Continue reading Do not let Nayers and Hesitators triumph over Cloud Computing

Washable Keyboard for Sticky Situation

Ever got mess take over your keyboard? Having difficulties clearing them crumbs from underneath the keys? Having problem cleaning your keys from spilled coffee? Everyone has been there at least once. Now guess what – Logitech has the answer. Too much coffee or tea? No problem. Want to mix soup or hot chocolate in with … Continue reading Washable Keyboard for Sticky Situation

Virtual Laser Keyboard

Ever dreamed about being a Secret Agent typing on a flat surface with full QWERTY keyboard? or Fancy touching your table and seeing letters appear magically on your screen? Well Virtual Laser Keyboard puts the future at your fingertips, literally! You touch and the latest laser technology types. Revolutionary advanced optics can be paired wirelessly … Continue reading Virtual Laser Keyboard

Solar Charger for your iPhone

So You are outside and your phone is dying. You aren't anywhere near an electric socket but You really need your phone, perhaps a big business call is going to happen soon or other family matters. No matter what is the reason, in today's world it is very important to stay connected. And for that … Continue reading Solar Charger for your iPhone

IBM’s new mainframe is aiming ‘hybrid cloud’

IBM is targeting big enterprise customers to reconsider that whole distributed “private cloud” thing and considering 'Hybrid Cloud'. IBM on August 2012 launched the zEnterprise EC12 mainframe, which serves as a blueprint for the evolution of Big Blue's 48-year-old high-end system, with security, solid state storage enhancements, built-in analytics and the ability to be installed … Continue reading IBM’s new mainframe is aiming ‘hybrid cloud’