Samsung Android Fridge

Android Fridge ? Well this is not a joke and too early for April Fool. Samsung refrigerators have been quite 'popular' at Consumer Electronics Show 2013. But Samsung’s newest smart fridge isn’t a joke. With a tablet 10 inch display that shows you the weather, your calendar, notes, news, facebook updates and other Android tablet likes functionality on … Continue reading Samsung Android Fridge

Sustainable and Minimalist Transparent Speaker

We do understand sometimes hard to find a speaker which can fit perfectly in every room. Transparent Speaker by People People will blend perfectly in every room. Swedish design company People People created a very original speaker, the transparent design lets it blend in to any room. The speaker is big enough to offer a … Continue reading Sustainable and Minimalist Transparent Speaker

Obsessively Clean your Desk

As an obsessively clean technologist, we totally understand and comprehend the idea of clean desk and hating wires on your desk. Goodbye to cable patches and dodgy tapes. Say hi to OCDock, a hub to charge your device in the neatest possible way. OCDesk has developed the thinnest iPhone cable, As thin as a sheet … Continue reading Obsessively Clean your Desk

Washable Keyboard for Sticky Situation

Ever got mess take over your keyboard? Having difficulties clearing them crumbs from underneath the keys? Having problem cleaning your keys from spilled coffee? Everyone has been there at least once. Now guess what – Logitech has the answer. Too much coffee or tea? No problem. Want to mix soup or hot chocolate in with … Continue reading Washable Keyboard for Sticky Situation