AWS Direct Connect in Australia via Equinix Cloud Exchange

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We have discussed Azure ExpressRoute via Equinix Cloud Exchange on my previous blog. Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) also provides AWS Direct Connect connectivity which means you can share the same physical link (1GBps or 10GBps) between Azure and AWS!  ECX also provides connectivity service to AWS for connection speed less than 1GBps. AWS Direct Connect provides dedicated, private connectivity between your WAN or datacenter and AWS services such as AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

AWS Direct Connect via Equinix Cloud Exchange is Exchange (IXP) provider based allowing us to extend our infrastructure that is:

  • Private: The connection is dedicated bypassing the public Internet which means better performance, increases security, consistent throughput and enables hybrid cloud use cases (Even hybrid with Azure when both connectivity using Equinix Cloud Exchange)
  • Redundancy: If we configured second AWS Direct Connect connection, traffic will failover to the second link…

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