Azure Architecture Series: Services Architecture Reference Model

I am writing this to provide Azure services architecture as the start of Azure Architecture series. The intention is purely educational, please ensure to engage Microsoft or professional consulting services for your environment and use cases. On top of that, Microsoft has provided various reference architecture from the official site. 

This model provides a model of generic Azure platform services with the aim of universally applicable. The model has two main components:

  • Structure of the solution components
  • Visual representation
  1. Azure Environment: This layer provides the environmental foundation layer from Governance through Azure Policy, RBAC, Billing, Subscription(s) and Data Placement based on the placement strategy.
  2. Azure Network Layer: This layer provides the view of networking components from connectivity, virtual network and the network security components shared with the security layer
  3. Azure Compute and Storage Layer: This layer provides the view of Azure compute both IaaS, PaaS, storage and disks components
  4. Azure Data Layer: This layer provides the view of Azure database layer – operational database layer, multi model database, big data and data warehousing components.
  5. Azure Security Layer: This layer provides the security domain components – encryption, compliance visibility, identity and access management and two domain crossover network security and data classification.
  6. Azure Management and Operational Layer: This layer provides the Azure management, recovery and operations solution components
  7. Azure Pipeline: This layer provides the release pipeline, orchestration and automation solution components
  8. Service Delivery and Operational Model Layer: This layer provides the business processes in order to deliver and operate the service to our end customer.
Azure Services Architecture

The graphical representation above provides the services architecture which you can use to develop further your conceptual and logical architecture of your solution(s) running on Azure platform.

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