Samsung Android Fridge


Android Fridge ? Well this is not a joke and too early for April Fool. Samsung refrigerators have been quite ‘popular’ at Consumer Electronics Show 2013. But Samsung’s newest smart fridge isn’t a joke.

With a tablet 10 inch display that shows you the weather, your calendar, notes, news, facebook updates and other Android tablet likes functionality on top of their ‘cooling’ refrigerators functions. It is showing a good example of how our white appliance has been evolved into smarter white appliance more than just connecting to the Internet these days.

T9000 Samsung Android Fridge will have ‘Smart’ price tag around $4000. Oh well, some of us will start thinking why don’t we buy android tablet for $600 and buy a mounting and attach it on our $800 fridge. The T9000 differs is by informing what food you have left in your fridge and then coming up with recipes idea which you are able to cook. There is also another great feature that will send a message to someone in your household if they are out shopping, by sending them an update to whatever mobile device they have on their person, which is thanks to an app called Evernote.

However, You need to do the inventory yourself  up-to-date with simple drag and drop feature on the screen, although we feel that a barcode scanner would be a much simpler option.You can see the a demonstration on this Video Demonstration.

Other ‘cool’ features is coupons appearing on the screen thanks to a partnership with Unilever for a certain product that your fridge thinks that you will need which We are really certain this can be used for marketing and business intelligence purposes what products they can try to sell based on your shopping lists.

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