InstaCube for Instagram


Are You Hardcore Instagram fan? You want to show to your family and friends every time they visit your home and You want to share it in bigger scale sitting on your lounge room. Worry not, Instacube will lift your mood instantly.

This wireless frame is a perfect gift for your co-Instagram or co-Facebook maniac and occasional user alike: be it your better half, your boss or your digital-friendly in-law. Not convinced? It will even let you push your Instagram stream over your local Wi-Fi.

No need to hoard all those award winning pictures to yourself any longer: share them with your family and even let them taste the fun by allowing multiple users to share pictures on the same device. Extremely portable, within your Wi-Fi range anyway – easy to operate with 3 buttons located on the top of the device as well as an on-screen keyboard for signing into your Instagram account.

Now You can take and store your photo in the cloud and change the photo anytime! Not boring same photo on your living room.

Prototype designed by Design to Matter (D2M). 6,5 inch LCD display featuring 600×600 resolution – a perfect fit for Instagram images. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Price wise ?  $99 only.

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